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Peter Huntoon -


Home is where the heart is. Community spirit and authenticity motivate my work. I am ceaselessly inspired by Vermont’s integrity, diversity, and capricious nature. Capturing her subtle and sensational beauty in rich juicy paint is like roping the wind, brilliantly impossible. Her mysterious moods and change of seasons lead me on!

Each subject will suggest method and media. The distinctive glories of watercolor or oil are considered and explored. Armed with insight and appreciation gained from considerable observational study, enthusiastic abandon ensues. I encourage all manner of organic serendipity and follow the painting’s lead. Epic opposing forces crash and dance. Dark and light, warm and cool, hard and soft, straight and curved, action and rest, chaos and organization… each resolved in turn. Moving towards order the dynamic energies of color, shape, space, and light are engaged. Like love and life, I experience my process as an unfolding event with a deliciously unpredictable outcome.

Art is my spiritual practice and humble expression of gratitude. My best work is done at the confluence of present moment attention, artistic aptitude, and love. To share that experience with you through art is my life’s work and greatest reward.

Middletown Springs, Vermont

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