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Johnny Hinrichs-

Vermont Stained Glass

My present work consists of a variety of styles from detailed floral pieces to landscapes to abstracts to L.C. Tiffany reproductions to three-dimensional panels. The types of glass I use include new antique, mouth-blown, opalescent, confetti, streakies, heavy ripple and drapery glass to name a few. With the great variety of Tiffany reproduction glass now available you can find mottled glass, brilliant opalescent and confetti glass of many densities and color to suit any inspiration. With imported glass you can find French new antique, English streakies and German flashed glass (a fingernail thickness of colored glass fused onto one-eighth inch of clear or light color glass).

Most of my work has been from commissions. From Orvis’ 16 ft. x 12 ft. “Lure of the Fly”, designed by Laine and Yoshi Akayama, a magnificent leaping Vermont Brook Trout (check out my website’s “gallery” page for pictures and the “media” page for the full story) to a 9 ft. x 4 ft. 6 in. semicircle of daylilies, birds and butterflies to a 38 in. by 16 in. by 14 in tall oblong peony lampshade to a four foot dome rising 16 inches into the ceiling to Tiffany reproduction lampshades and kitchen cabinets. And you can generally find a variety of pieces and small suncatchers and mirrors in my studio showroom on 7A in Sunderland.

I like to work close with a person who commissions a piece from me to be sure their glass work is just what they want. It brings me much satisfaction knowing that I have never had a commission refused after it was completed.


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