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Ken Ahlering -


Traditional representational American oil paintings
I was given a set of oil paints by a cousin when I was about 12 years old. My family felt I had some talent beyond the usual artwork of youth. I painted and practiced and slowly learned more of the skills needed to produce paintings that looked somewhat like the subject I was trying to depict. I had teachers in and out of school who helped and encouraged me. When I look back closely on those times, I’m aware that I was a bit different than my pals and was always looking at paintings and art whenever I got the chance.
As time went on, I worked to earn a living in other fields but always found the time to take out my paints and make paintings for pleasure. About 20 years ago I began to get serious and increased the time I spent at the easel. I began showing my work at galleries and other interesting venues and began to consider myself a professional artist.
The career I have now, is filled with deadlines, fun and interesting events that I would never had imagined back when I was just painting for my own exploration. Highlights must include my work being used by the U.S. State Department at Embassies around the world and an appearance with the New Jersey Symphony at the conclusion of a concert, making a painting inspired by a melody by the composer Dvorak.
I continue to learn and hope my paintings will be enjoyed by those who see and collect them. I want them to quiet a room, start a conversation and be fought over by your heirs.

802 824 4346

Cell preferred 908 625 6894

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