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Debra Ann D'Errico 

Hand Knit Artistry


It often amazes me to see what can happen when two sticks,  a piece of string and an idea come together. I almost can't remember a time when I was not knitting.  Growing up,  I had the best dressed Barbie doll in the neighborhood! That simple beginning has led me to create unique hand knit pieces, design and publish hundreds of patterns for major yarn companies and publications and travel to italy to attend the world's premier yarn trade shows and work with the finest italian yarn manufacturers reknowned for producing iincredible fibers for centuries. 

The beautiful yarns with which I work include cashmere,  angora,  mohair,  merino wool, alpaca, cotton and other fine hands pun, hand dyed and man made fibers. A project may be made from a single type of yarn, several yarns or in some instances as many as fiftty or more different yarns. Cardigans are finished with unique buttons of handmade glass, ceramic, abalone and other materials, including antique buttons. 

Knitting allows me to do something I ltruly love. As I design and hand knit each piece,  I am inspired by color, texture, the beauty in nature and of great masterpieces to create unique pieces of wearable,  functional or decorative art.

Arlington,  VT. 05250


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