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Karen Deets -



Color, line and light are constant visitors to my head, as I contemplate translating what I see and feel into my stained glass art. I constantly consider how to capture the feeling and details of the exquisite scenery all around me into my work. Mountains and trees have had a way of sneaking into my art for as long as I can remember. Industrial forms are the inspiration for my abstract work - controlled, flowing and orderly. My playful side peeks through, and spirit faces appear in unexpected places, as well as tiny creatures.

Experimenting with new techniques to create rich, magical imagery is my passion. In my 40 plus years of working with glass I have incorporated kiln fired fused glass, torch work, and etched glass into my finished pieces. The painted details are a permanent process that is fired into the glass. Pushing the brush across the glass allows a feeling of freedom and spontaneity.

Fair Haven, Vermont


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