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  Linda Galo


I have been quilting as a hobby for about 58 years.  I learned to sew from my mother and my older sisters.  I began by sewing doll clothes and worked my way up to quilting and sewing clothes.  I lost interest in making clothing, and just concentrated on quilting which turned out to be a labor of love for me.


I grew up with six older siblings, four of which were girls.  Clothes were handed down, and being one of the youngest, mine were always well recycled.  When our clothing was no longer wearable, they were recycled yet again into quilts.  I still have the first quilt that I ever made and can remember what clothing some of the fabrics came from.   This quilt is well worn but still treasured.


Most of my quilts are sewn on a sewing machine.  There are so many decorative stitches on the newer machines that I just can’t resist using them.  Plus, I feel that a quilt that is stitched on a sewing machine will be stronger and perhaps last a little longer.    I often make “scrap quilts” that are made with many different colored fabrics.  I love the mixture of color that adds interest to the piece.

North Clarendon, Vermont

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