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Loren Fisher  Photographer

A professional photographer for over 40 years, my style is to simplify. I isolate elements and show beauty in a way that is clean visually but can be complex emotionally and celebrate the joy, wonders and excitement of life. My presentation is large scale, archival photographs that dominate a room and make a statement.
I have documented the world, learning to see beyond the obvious. I have traveled to 50 states and 203 countries and photographed many major personalities, news and sporting events and published two photography books, “Pope John Paul II: An American Celebration” and “Branson Backstage.” I have seen the beauty and the gore. I prefer the beauty. My appreciation of beauty and enthusiasm for life is evident in my photos and comes through as I show my work to people, whether I have just met them or they are old friends. My photographic style is to simplify, I work hard to isolate the elements that intrigue me and bring out the natural world in a way that is very clean visually but yet can be complex emotionally.

Woodstock,  Vermont
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