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Melissa Flanagan -



My one-of-a-kind jewelry designs are crafted from Argentium Sterling Silver and 14K Gold, highlighting semi-precious gems, pearls, and fossils. 


Nature is a constant inspiration for all of my jewelry designs. The textures, the patterns, and all the wonderful color combinations provide endless design possibilities! I use a variety of techniques to hand fabricate my designs – forging, forming, casting, chasing, reticulation are all used to create unique and beautiful pieces. I  use  Argentium Sterling Silver which has an added element of Germanium to help slow the tarnishing process and produce a nice high shine! Both the Argentium and the 14K Gold that I use in all my pieces are sourced from recycled metals. Each piece of my jewelry is individually handcrafted using semi-precious gems from all over the world – including a special collection of hand cut Native Vermont Gemstones such as Serpentine, Red Jasper, Quartz, and Agate.

Rutland, VT
Phone: 802-236-3819

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