I have been exploring photography since high school in the mid 1970's and am generally self taught. I operated a gallery on the Maine coast featuring my photographic prints in the 1980's. I have a studio in White River Junction, Vermont, where I make original prints of my work, which have been exhibited and sold through various galleries since 1983.

I have always been an amateur naturalist and a student of the visual arts. I enjoy exploring the landscape and its components. I find the variations in light, form, texture and color offered by the elements of a landscape fascinating, with endless possibilities for study and observation. I am usually drawn toward the pastoral and simplicity in design.

Over the years I have explored many different forms of photography: black and white, color, different formats, films and printing processes.

I now use a process of digital recording, processing and printing. This current set-up allows me the greatest creative control over all aspects of my workflow from conception to final print. A desktop processing system replaces the wet darkroom,but the workflow is much the same: determining exposure, contrast, color temperature, dodging and burning, etc. I use a fine art watercolor paper coated to receive pigment inks and an Epson pigment ink printer. These two combine for the best print quality that I have ever been able to achieve, and a highly stable archival print, more so than I could attain with traditional color print processes.

Norwich, Vermont